Syllabus for Math 161 Pre-Calculus Spring 2020

John Jernigan.

These rules must be followed:

* This is not a self paced class. You have three assignments due per week: a homework due Tuesday, a homework due Friday, and an Exam due Sunday. time as you like on the homework, using the on line help and hints. You need not complete it in one sitting. However, the exams are 90 minutes and may not be taken more than once, or reopened once started. Of course you are free to complete any assignment and exam before the due date and time, and are encouraged to do so. Please note that the deadlines are firm, but they are just deadlines. If, for example, you do not get home from work until 10 pm on Friday, then you will need to do the homework earlier. All assignments will be available 2 weeks before they are due.

* Canvas is your course syllabus. Everything you need for the syllabus is in the modules in Canvas.

* All the work is done in WebAssign. Create an account in WebAssign immediately. Your course key is ccp 3448 4832 Make sure to include the "ccp" in the key.

*The Homework will count as attendance (quizzes) the the exams like Test 3 and the final like the final

* Communication is essential.

* It is your responsibility to keep me informed as to what you are doing. If you are having any problems, send me an email through Canvas.

* Additional Help: You may use any additional help you need to do the homework

The modules in Canvas are your weekly guides. What follows is a quick glance at the modules.

Important note about WebAssign: it is not perfect! Sometimes you may be sure you are writing the correct answer but it tells you otherwise. The most common reason for this is syntax; it is only a computer and cannot tell what you really mean. For example, you may write "fx" when it should be "f(x)". Use the template when possible. But most importantly do not get frustrated. If you are fairly sure you are correct, contact me and I will fix your grade. Do not keep trying to put in the same answer. You will only get annoyed. Communication with me is the key.

We are starting at week 9